Highlands High School Basketball (Girls Varsity)

HHS girls basketball team takes the win: Lady Birds keep winning after a small loss first game

By Wes Caldwell | Dec 8, 2022 8:49 AM


Ellysa Wira, Hilltopper Editor|December 5, 2022 The HHS girls’ basketball team has had a winning season thus far, minus a small loss in the first game that was played at home on November 29th. Despite the bluebirds fighting their hardest, the match-up against Dixie Heights ended with a score of 72-46. The team ended the game with a total of 29 rebounds, 20 attempted free throws, with only 9 free throws made. The team made a total of 18 field goals out of the 43 that were tried. The girls’ second game was on December 2nd, against Henry County at Newport. The birds won this one, leaving the score 74-33. There were a total of 30 rebounds and 5 free throws made, out of the 6 free throws that were attempted. Out of the 77 attempted field goals, 28 were made. The game against Walton-Verona on December 3rd ended with another victory for the team. The score ended 67-55 with 26 rebounds and 20 free throws made.. Another game played the same day against Augusta ravaged the score with a final of 72-45. The girls had a total of 28 rebounds, and 8 free throws made, out of the 14 that were attempted. Out of the 61, 2 and 3 point field goals tried, 25 were successful. The next game the Lady Birds play is this Thursday, December 8th. So make sure to show up and support the girls’ basketball team.

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