Golf (Girls Varsity)


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    Golf (Girls Varsity) | September 20, 2023

    Girls Golf Update

    HHS Lady Blue Bird Golf SO excited to share Miss Bailey Markus made some clutch shots down the stretch at Region and qualified for State 🤗 WoooHooo - she also did not hit her Mom with a golf ball...

  • Girls Golf cover photo

    Golf (Girls Varsity) | September 14, 2023

    Girls Golf

    HHS Lady Blue Bird Golf would like to recognize Senior Bailey Markus for shooting a personal best 87 at the NKAC Tournament on Monday earning a second place medal and free ice cream for chipping in...


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2024 - 2025 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Anne Bauer 12th
Iris Loyall 9th
Jenna Richey 12th
Julianne Stojkovic 11th
Lorenza Schweitzer 10th
Penelope Kolb 11th
Samantha David 9th
Sophia Mckenna 10th
Name Grade
Anne Bauer 11th
Bailey Markus 12th
Iris Loyall 8th
Jenna Richey 11th
Julianne Stojkovic 10th
Lily Muller 12th
Lorenza Schweitzer 9th
Penelope Kolb 10th
Samantha David 8th
Sophia Mckenna 9th
Name Grade
Aly Welch 12th
AnnaLucy Surrey 12th
Anne Bauer 10th
Bailey Markus 11th
Belle Bryant 12th
Elise Brown 12th
Iris Loyall 7th
Jenna Richey 10th
Julianne Stojkovic 9th
Lily Muller 11th
Lorenza Schweitzer 8th
Penelope Kolb 9th
Samantha David 7th
Sophia Mckenna 8th
Name Grade
Bailey Markus 10th
Jenna Richey 9th


  • Head Coach

    Tye Lembright

  • Assistant Coach

    Hank Heidrich

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