Archery (Varsity)


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    2023-2024 Athletic Department Update

    Highlands High School 2400 Memorial Pkwy Fort Thomas KY, 41075 859-815-2607 We are very excited to announce that the Highlands High School & Middle School Athletic Departments have partnered...


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2023 - 2024 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Addison Greene 11th
Addison Masters 11th
Alaina Kuhn 11th
Ashton Willis 11th
Ben Gilkerson 11th
Cal Lacourt 11th
Chris Mays 10th
Cohen Gessner 12th
Evan Stuart 12th
Evan Hater 11th
Felicity Berling 11th
Flynn Cook 10th
Gabby Barnett 11th
Georgia Horton 11th
Griffin Sanders 11th
John Dougherty 12th
Liam Delaney 11th
Lianne Guttadauro 11th
Logan Scherpenberg 11th
Marcella Simpson 11th
Marshall Anstaett 11th
Martha Kelly 12th
Max Holbrook 10th
Natalie Hurles 10th
Nellie Albritton 10th
Parker Greene 10th
Quinton Scherrer 10th
Reagan McPhedran 12th
Samantha Gibbs 11th
Sophia Scherrer 12th
Sophia Hamilton 11th
Sophie Zahner 10th
Sylvie Martin 11th
Will Kearns 11th
Name Grade
Addison Greene 10th
Addison Masters 10th
Alaina Kuhn 10th
Ashton Willis 10th
Ben Gilkerson 10th
Cal Lacourt 10th
Chris Mays 9th
Cohen Gessner 11th
Elle Ehrman 12th
Evan Hater 10th
Evan Stuart 11th
Felicity Berling 10th
Flynn Cook 9th
Gabby Barnett 10th
Georgia Horton 10th
Griffin Sanders 10th
John Dougherty 11th
Liam Delaney 10th
Lianne Guttadauro 10th
Logan Scherpenberg 10th
Marcella Simpson 10th
Marshall Anstaett 10th
Martha Kelly 11th
Max Holbrook 9th
Natalie Hurles 9th
Nellie Albritton 9th
Parker Greene 9th
Quinton Scherrer 9th
Reagan McPhedran 11th
Samantha Gibbs 10th
Sophia Scherrer 11th
Sophia Hamilton 10th
Sophie Zahner 9th
Sylvie Martin 10th
Will Kearns 10th
Name Grade
Alaina Kuhn 9th
Connor Tallent 12th
Elle Ehrman 11th
Quinton Wehby 12th
Reagan McPhedran 10th
Sophia Scherrer 10th


  • Head Coach

    Matt Stuart

  • Assistant Coach

    Jodie Kindoll

  • Assistant Coach

    Dennis Kindoll

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