Swimming & Diving (Coed Varsity)


  • New Boys Track Coach cover photo

    Highlands High School, Swimming & Diving (Coed Varsity) | August 23, 2023

    New Boys Track Coach

    Welcome Dustin Preble as the new Boys Track Coach!!!! “I’m excited to start working with the kids. The hard work I saw them do last year is very inspiring and I plan to work just as hard to make ...

  • New Swim Coach cover photo

    Highlands High School, Swimming & Diving (Coed Varsity) | August 17, 2023

    New Swim Coach

    Welcome Kevin Kampschmidt as the new Boys & Girls Swim Coach!!!! "I am very excited to continue the tradition of Highlands Swimming. I look forward to developing our student athletes in and out of...

  • 2023-2024 Athletic Department Update cover photo

    Softball (Girls Varsity), Baseball (Boys Varsity), Basketball (Boys Varsity), Bowling (Boys), Dance (Varsity), Soccer (Girls V) Test, Soccer (Boys Varsity), Cross Country, Golf (Girls Varsity), HHS VOLLEYBALL, Golf (Boys JV), HMS Volleyball, Archery (Varsity), Football (Boys Varsity), Basketball (Girls Varsity), Golf (Boys Varsity), Swimming & Diving (Coed Varsity), Cheerleading, Football (Boys Junior Varsity) | June 5, 2023

    2023-2024 Athletic Department Update

    Highlands High School 2400 Memorial Pkwy Fort Thomas KY, 41075 859-815-2607 We are very excited to announce that the Highlands High School & Middle School Athletic Departments have partnered...


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2023 - 2024 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Abigail Smith 8th
Adalaide Foley 11th
Addie Fisher 9th
Addison Tinkler 10th
Audrey Sorrentino 10th
Azar Bassett 9th
Bailey McDowell 10th
Carter Walsh 10th
Celia LaCourt 11th
Chanith Abeysinghe 9th
Charlie Herfel 10th
Charlie Golden 9th
Chase Pawsat 10th
Clare Herfel 8th
Craig Miller 11th
Drew Davies 10th
Eli Pearson 9th
Eliana Neace 9th
Evelyn Smith 11th
Florence Landon 10th
Griffin Barlow 11th
James Kilgore 9th
Jude Eckerle 12th
Kit Valentine 8th
Lillian Foley 10th
Lily Smith 9th
Lucas Tinkler 12th
Maddie Abner 10th
Matthew Meyers 10th
Max Taylor 10th
Mayson Gindle 11th
Meredith Kleier 10th
Nathan Huber 8th
Noah Huber 11th
Noah Gracey 10th
Olive Lecky 8th
Oliver Golden 11th
Olivia Raaker 9th
Parker Wilkins 8th
Penelope Kolb 10th
Rafe Pinkston 10th
Ragan Moore 10th
Robbie Koester 10th
Ryan Mackison 10th
Ryan Schaber 9th
Sam Leyshock 8th
Sarah Jones 11th
Sophia Boehmer 11th
Sophia Caballero 10th
Sophia Taylor 9th
Torin Bryant 11th
Trenton Johnson 9th
Zach Gustin Lyle 10th
Name Grade
Abigail Smith 7th
Adalaide Foley 10th
Adam Pawlak 12th
Addie Fisher 8th
Addison Tinkler 9th
Audrey Sorrentino 9th
Azar Bassett 8th
Bailey McDowell 9th
Belle Bryant 12th
Bode Russell 12th
Cameron Myers 12th
Carter Walsh 9th
Celia LaCourt 10th
Chanith Abeysinghe 8th
Charlie Herfel 9th
Charlie Golden 8th
Chase Pawsat 9th
Ciara Murphy 12th
Clare Herfel 7th
Craig Miller 10th
Drew Davies 9th
Eli Pearson 8th
Eliana Neace 8th
Evan Jones 12th
Evelyn Smith 10th
Florence Landon 9th
Griffin Barlow 10th
Jake Bolling 12th
James Kilgore 8th
Jude Eckerle 11th
Kit Valentine 7th
Lillian Foley 9th
Lily Smith 8th
Lucas Tinkler 11th
Maddie Abner 9th
Matt Herfel 12th
Matthew Meyers 9th
Max Taylor 9th
Mayson Gindle 10th
Meredith Kleier 9th
Nathan Huber 7th
Noah Huber 10th
Noah Gracey 9th
Olive Lecky 7th
Oliver Golden 10th
Olivia Raaker 8th
Parker Wilkins 7th
Penelope Kolb 9th
Peyton Helminiak 12th
Rafe Pinkston 9th
Ragan Moore 9th
Robbie Koester 9th
Robert Arnberg 12th
Ryan Mackison 9th
Ryan Schaber 8th
Sam Leyshock 7th
Sarah Jones 10th
Sarah Yu 12th
Sophia Boehmer 10th
Sophia Caballero 9th
Sophia Taylor 8th
Torin Bryant 10th
Trenton Johnson 8th
Zach Gustin Lyle 9th


  • Head Coach

    Kevin Kampschmidt

  • Head Coach

    Joey Svatba

  • Assistant Coach

    Matheus Benvenutti Gerotto

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