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    2023-2024 Athletic Department Update

    Parents, I wanted to inform you of some changes that will be occurring for the 2023-2024 school year. Due to increased cost in uniforms, officials, worker pay, athletic awards and supplies we will ...


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2023 - 2024 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Abby Gabennesch 9th
Amaya Barton 12th
Annelle Scully 11th
Ava Lawhorn 12th
Ava Meyer 12th
Ava Gwisdalla 9th
Avery Barber 10th
Caroline Means 12th
Chelsea Crisler 11th
Colin Utz 11th
Craig Miller 11th
Dominic Mills 12th
Evan Wallace 11th
Evelyn Hopping 11th
Fiona McIntosh 11th
Hudson Dye 11th
Jack Haggard 12th
Kate Fausz 11th
Katelyn Jamie 12th
Kendall Graves 11th
Lilli Hoffmeister 12th
Lilliana Kremer 12th
Lilly Leising 12th
Lorenza Schweitzer 9th
Molly De Sola 12th
Myles Harris 12th
Owen McCain 12th
Paige Deegan 12th
Piper Kramer 10th
Reagan McPhedran 12th
Rilen Pinkston 12th
Rosalyn Brown 10th
Sarah Jones 11th
Sophia Scherrer 12th
Sydney Houlihan 10th
Name Grade
Abby Gabennesch 8th
Amaya Barton 11th
Annelle Scully 10th
Atlas Lindeman 12th
Ava Lawhorn 11th
Ava Meyer 11th
Ava Gwisdalla 8th
Avery Barber 9th
Benjamin Anderson 12th
Bode Russell 12th
Caroline Means 11th
Chelsea Crisler 10th
Colin Utz 10th
Craig Miller 10th
Dominic Mills 11th
Eden Brumer 12th
Elle Ehrman 12th
Evan Wallace 10th
Evelyn Hopping 10th
Fiona McIntosh 10th
Holden Heiert 12th
Hudson Dye 10th
Isabella Moreno 12th
Jack Haggard 11th
Kate Fausz 10th
Katelyn Jamie 11th
Kendall Graves 10th
Lilli Hoffmeister 11th
Lilliana Kremer 11th
Lilly Leising 11th
Lorenza Schweitzer 8th
Maggie Ossege 12th
Molly De Sola 11th
Myles Harris 11th
Owen McCain 11th
Paige Deegan 11th
Piper Kramer 9th
Reagan McPhedran 11th
Renee Hyder 12th
Rilen Pinkston 11th
Rosalyn Brown 9th
Sarah Jones 10th
Sophia Scherrer 11th
Sydney Houlihan 9th
Name Grade
Abby Gabennesch 7th
Abigail Deegan 12th
Amaya Barton 10th
Annelle Scully 9th
Atlas Lindeman 11th
Ava Lawhorn 10th
Ava Meyer 10th
Ava Gwisdalla 7th
Avery Barber 8th
Benjamin Anderson 11th
Bode Russell 11th
Caroline Means 10th
Chelsea Crisler 9th
Chelsea McIntosh 12th
Colin Utz 9th
Craig Miller 9th
Dominic Mills 10th
Eden Brumer 11th
Elle Ehrman 11th
Emmie Brewer 12th
Evan Wallace 9th
Evelyn Hopping 9th
Faith Broering 12th
Fiona McIntosh 9th
George King 12th
Holden Heiert 11th
Hudson Dye 9th
Isabella Moreno 11th
Jack Haggard 10th
Jade Rehberger 12th
Joe Suubach 8th
Kate Fausz 9th
Katelyn Jamie 10th
Kendall Graves 9th
Lilli Hoffmeister 10th
Lilliana Kremer 10th
Lilly Leising 10th
Lorenza Schweitzer 7th
Macy Hedenberg 12th
Maggie Ossege 11th
Mckenna Pinkston 12th
Megan Gessner 12th
Molly De Sola 10th
Myles Harris 10th
Oliver Harris 12th
Owen McCain 10th
Paige Deegan 10th
Piper Kramer 8th
Reagan McPhedran 10th
Renee Hyder 11th
Rilen Pinkston 10th
Rosalyn Brown 8th
Sam Jones 12th
Sarah Jones 9th
Sophia Scherrer 10th
Sydney Houlihan 8th
Thomas Gray-Torsell 12th


  • Head Coach

    Brian Alessandro

  • Head Coach

    Dustin Preble

  • Assistant Coach

    Brian Condon

  • Assistant Coach

    Mckenzie Jonathan

  • Assistant Coach

    Rob Pinkston

  • Assistant Coach

    Cory Ruschman

  • Assistant Coach

    Keith(Tiger) Thompson

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