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    2023-2024 Athletic Department Update

    Highlands High School 2400 Memorial Pkwy Fort Thomas KY, 41075 859-815-2607 We are very excited to announce that the Highlands High School & Middle School Athletic Departments have partnered...


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2023 - 2024 SEASON SCORES

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No. Name Grade
5 Owen Lecky 12th
22 Brayden Coleman 12th
24 Nate Arentsen 12th
28 Dawson Huber 12th
29 Thomas Foose 10th
30 Connor Wehby 12th
31 Chad Gesenhues 12th
68 Max Yeager 10th
81 Tyler Whitney 12th
86 Ryan Toole 12th
98 Quinn Ossege 10th
99 Jack Haggard 12th
No. Name Grade
0 Graham Lecky 12th
1 Jackson Lang 12th
5 Owen Lecky 11th
6 Jacob Venneman 12th
9 Kurrin Frank 12th
11 Joel Craft 12th
14 Jake Bolling 12th
22 Abe Gardner 12th
24 Nate Arentsen 11th
30 Connor Wehby 11th
33 Cooper Gamble 12th
34 Alex Bach 11th
42 Cameron Myers 12th
44 Garrett Strange 12th
48 Conrad Nunan 12th
68 Tyler Layman 12th
77 James Beasey 12th
88 Ben Schuh 12th
94 Dana Brown 12th
98 Quinn Ossege 9th
99 Jack Haggard 11th


Dawson Huber 11th


Duncan Hume 9th


Logan Szymanski 9th


Quinton Scherrer 9th


  • Head Coach

    Andy Eckerle

  • Head Coach

    Marie Rosenhagen

  • Assistant Coach

    Brian Huseman

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