Wrestling (Co-Ed)


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    Highlands High School Athletic Tickets & Sports Passes Information

    All tickets and passes will be sold through Eventlink for the 2022-2023 school year. There will be no cash tickets sold. Eventlink tickets can be pre-purchased and will be available for purchase at...


2022 - 2023 SEASON SCORES

No recent scores published.


Name Grade
Aiden Pierre 10th
Aiden Rogers 10th
Ali Russell 9th
Angelica Jackson 12th
Ben Gallagher 9th
Caleb Hollingsworth 12th
Caleb Hudson 9th
Cameron Pooling-Perez 9th
Cecelia Smith 12th
Dalton Williams 12th
Jack Heilman 9th
Laila Pinkston 9th
Rilen Pinkston 11th
Ryder Brennenstuhl 9th
Rylee Swope 12th
Sam Buchanan 11th
Samantha Heilman 11th
TJ Hicks 10th
Travis Votel 10th
Victor Arnberg 9th
Will Gallagher 11th
Zach Russ 11th


  • Head Coach

    John Hazeras

  • Assistant Coach

    Rob Pinkston

  • Assistant Coach

    Dakota Riley

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