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    Dance (Varsity) | April 23, 2024

    Highlands Dance

    Congratulations to our very own Belle Fischer on making the Purdue Univeristy Dance Team!!!


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2024 - 2025 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Abbie Rowland 11th
Addison Orme 12th
Anne Kuhnhein 11th
Brianna Horner 11th
Elise Hellman 11th
Ella Cunningham 12th
Gwen Houlihan 11th
Haylee Hogie 12th
Lily Arnberg 12th
Morgan Herald 12th
Reese Witte 12th
Shebly Shields 12th
Name Grade
Abbie Rowland 10th
Addison Orme 11th
Anne Kuhnhein 10th
Brianna Horner 10th
Elise Hellman 10th
Ella Cunningham 11th
Gwen Houlihan 10th
Haylee Hogie 11th
Isabelle Fischer 12th
Lily Arnberg 11th
Morgan Herald 11th
Reese Witte 11th
Shebly Shields 11th
Name Grade
Abbie Rowland 9th
Addison Orme 10th
Anne Kuhnhein 9th
Brianna Horner 9th
Elise Hellman 9th
Ella Cunningham 10th
Gwen Houlihan 9th
Haylee Hogie 10th
Isabelle Fischer 11th
Kathleen Price 12th
Kayleigh Nicolaus 12th
Lily Arnberg 10th
Madison Gillman 12th
Morgan Herald 10th
Reese Witte 10th
Ruby Smith 12th
Shebly Shields 10th
Name Grade
Ella Cunningham 9th
Emmie Brewer 12th
Lindsay Thompson 12th
Lucy New 12th
Macy A Kocher 12th
Olivia Hoffman 12th
Ruby Smith 11th
Savannah N King 12th


  • Head Coach

    Ashley Wrobleski

  • Assistant Coach

    Corinne Holmes

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